Mechanical Engineering

DEC-MECH offers a complete mechanical design and certification service. We can provide everything from detailed manual calculations to complex numerical models. Below is a list of our current capabilities:

Engineering Design

  • Mechanical Engineering Certifications (REPQ)
  • Complex system design and analysis
  • Machine component engineering and design
  • Piping and pumping system design and analysis
  • Pressure vessel design and analysis (AS 1210, ASME BPVC Section VIII)
  • Fuel handling and storage (AS 1940, AS/NZS 60079.10.1)
  • FEA, Finite element analysis (linear, non-linear, dynamic, buckling)
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Aged structure assessment
  • Roll over protection systems (AS 2294, ISO 3471)
  • Engineering standards development and implementation

Drafting Services

  • General mechanical drafting including 3D modelling
  • Detailed shop drawing for structural fabrication
  • Fabrication drawings for mechanical equipment
  • P&ID and PFD development
  • Piping isometric drawings for fabrication
  • Complex surface modelling

Structural Engineering

  • Structural Engineering Certifications (RPEQ)
  • Structural design and analysis (AS 4100)
  • Aged structure assessment
  • Lifting devices 

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

DEC-MECH can analyse mechanical components, structures and materials through the use of finite element modelling tools, in conjunction with different modelling and analysis softwares. 

DEC-MECH can perform the following types of simulation using FEA:

  • Stress, strain and displacement modelling resulting from static loads
  • Transient response and vibration modelling from dynamic excitation
  • Temperature, stress, strain and displacement modelling from thermal loads
  • Prediction of cycle time for fatigue crack initiation and propagation from dynamic loads

Below are some examples of previous analysis work that DEC-MECH has delivered:

    • Pressure vessel and static tank analysis
    • Steel supporting structures
    • Roll over protection systems (ROPS) for mine vehicles
    • Torsional loading and stress prediction in tubular space frame for road-worthiness
    • Bending simulation and stress check of draw bars for cane haul out bins, dog trailers for trucks and caravan draw bars
    • Lifting equipment
    • Truck chassis and suspension systems
    • Pipe supports and flanges
    • Storage facilities and conveying units 

    We are constantly adding new simulation capability to fulfill our clients demands as part of DEC-MECH's commitment to continuous improvement.