Process Organisation

To identify and restructure a project in terms of it's organisational requirements, we provide the following services:

  • Management / engineering process analysis  (Process flow structure, processing time and control systems)
  • Roles and responsibility analysis and matrix development
  • Project process scheduling and resource estimation

Project Management

DEC-MECH offers project management support for our clients and their operations, which includes practical experience in the following areas:

  • Project planning and evaluation
  • Program scheduling (internal and external)
  • Project data management systems (Manual and Software Solutions)
  • Project management execution
  • Communication structure and Systems
  • Progress reporting and vendor management
  • Drafting document management
  • Specification management
  • Revision management
  • Material logistics management
  • Construction management


Engineering Management

DEC-MECH's speciality is in the combination of engineering and management skills to improve our clients engineering services and management processes. DEC-MECH delivers consultancy and execution in a variety of engineering management tasks including.

  • Preliminary project engineering/ Tender development
  • Execution of the engineering management
  • Engineering specification analysis
  • Supplier engineering management
  • Battery limit management systems
  • Engineering solutions 
  • Engineering document control (internal and external)
  • Creation of engineering specifications

Quality Assurance and Quality Management Control

DEC-MECH shows our clients ways to eliminate waste, avoid mistakes and reduce costs, meanwhile providing a higher quality through the application of lean principles. Some of the services we offer to improve quality include: 

  • Supply chain management
  • Project expediting in your business, or for your subcontractors
  • Manufacturing control, expediting and inspection
  • Vender supply scheduling
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Manufacturer data record management